About Us

Black Mountain Sand is a primarily Permian Basin sand supplier that is focused on delivering high quality, cost-effective proppant solutions to its customers. Our strategic approach to align with long term basin participants creates a partnership built on mutual success and cooperation.

Born out of necessity for a better product without the high costs of logistics, we identified a regional deposit that meets the rigorous expectations of the oil & gas industry. With shorter lead times and greater flexibility than northern white or Brady sands, we are well positioned to service the basin.

Through our partnership with Natural Gas Partners (NGP), Black Mountain Sand has deployed extensive capital to develop two best-in-class mines in the Permian Basin. These facilities will enable us to better grow with our customers and meet the demands of increasing proppant intensity.


Black Mountain Sand takes great pride in delivering unmatched service to our customers. Our business thrives when we help our customers be successful.


Black Mountain Sand focuses on producing and delivering sand solutions to our customers. By offering a superior product and last mile logistics, we allow you to focus on your core competency – the production of hydrocarbons.


Our in-basin product, Winkler White™, provides a high quality, cost-effective proppant solution that meets the rigorous demands of the Permian Basin without the logistics challenges of northern sands.


  • To be the premier regional sand supplier for the Permian Basin
  • To leverage our E&P and service company background to deliver a consistent, high quality product
  • To align with long term basin participants and create partnerships built on mutual success and cooperation



Annual tons of mine capacity


Acres accumulated within Winkler County


Minutes gate to gate truck load time


Tons of vertical storage


Dedicated truck loadouts


Minutes to load 23 tons into a truck

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