Last Mile Solution

Recognizing the need of the customer to improve the process of getting sand from point A to point B, Black Mountain has partnered with a network of proven, capable, cost-effective carriers. By acquiring industry leading technology, we have differentiated ourselves as a “one stop” sand service.   

Last mile delivery solution ensures operational excellence:

  • On-site storage - 1,680 tons of vertical storage
  • Effective offload - Trucks offload in under 10 minutes through bottom feed
  • Dust mitigation - Meets OSHA silica standards by enclosing the transfer points
  • Location footprint - Reduction of spatial requirements by using vertical silos
  • Silo Sand Level – The Cobra unit allows operators to visually gauge sand levels inside each silo  

Black Mountain Titan & Cobra Brochure

Black Mountain FB Atlas Brochure 

Ability to Execute

Our team consists of leaders whose core competency is frac sand delivery with a track record of superior service quality. We understand the importance of logistics within the value chain and engage partners with the same level of standards. Black Mountain focuses on the core tenets that drive an effective delivery model:

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Communication

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